Bermet 2011

BERMET is traditional aromatic wine, which used to be very popular. During the Austria/Hungary empire, it was ordered for the needs of the castle in Vienna. Some people produce this beverage with 18% of alcohol, but Dulka ‘s bermet contains 16%. With lower percentage of alcohol, it is easier for aromatic substances to develop, but with higher percentage of alcohol, aroma is not significant and than it is liqueur wine.

Djordje Dulka

Since 1920, the most famous vintner family in Sremski Karlovci is DULKA. At the moment, the fourth and fifth generation of the family are in the business.
djordje dulka
Dulka tradition


One of the most famous vintner families in Sremski Karlovci is DULKA. Since 1920, this family develops and improves growing of grapes and its processing. At the moment, the fourth and fifth generation of the family are in the business.
Dulka quality


Plenty of our products had been awarded with golden medals for quality on Novi Sad fair, recognized by the best experts and commissions for this branch. Besides the cognac, with nine medals, there are also zupljanka, Riesling, apple brandy, grape brandy...
Dulka offer


In its assortment, wine cellar DULKA has wines, bermet and brandies of the highest qualities. Since 1920 of the previous century so far, it tries to improve not just the production, but the disposal of the products as well. Numerous medals won on the fairs are the proof of quality, efforts and work of the whole family. You can buy bottled Italian Riesling, zupljanka, cabernet sauvignon, white and red bermet, cognac from 1995, awarded with nine gold medals, as well as brandies made of peach, apple, plum, grapes.
Dulka today


The best known vineyards in Vojvodina are located in Sremski Karlovci. They are situated on the hillsides of Fruska Gora and on the other side, on the bank of the Danube. Because of its micro and macro climate, this area had given for centuries (since the 15 century) good, quality and abundant yield of all sorts of grapes, which have been changed since the old ones to modern sorts, appreciated all over the world.
Dulka Sremski Karlovci

For centuries

Karlovci are known for its good wines, and the winegrowers and producers are famous in many countries. It can be proved by many texts and documents written by historians who visited or lived in Karlovci. Many families in Karlovci had chosen winegrowing for their profession – some of them became famous, but some gave up this tradition and moved into the city for another jobs.
Dulka Vineyards

Dulka today

has eight hectares of vineyards, ten hectares of orchards, wine cellar with the capacity of 150.000 liters of wine, 5.000 liters of brandies and cognac and 10.000 liters of bermet adn ausbruh. In wine cellar and vineyards, we employ permanent and seasonal workers. All our products are controlled by Technology Faculty in Novi Sad.
Dulka awards

Families Dulka

takes part in all fairs in Belgrade and Novi Sad and is recognized for good quality of products, which are awarded with many prizes and medals.If you decide to visit The Dulkas’ Wine House, we promise you an unforgettable stay. As well as enjoying wonderful wines, you will learn something about them. As the ancient Romans said